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Inner Arm Bear Tattoo Video


We tattooed this as part of a full sleeve.  The client sat like a rock and we chiseled away at this native/animal themed sleeve.  I really enjoy working on animals and had a lot of fun working with the client.

The redness comes from irritation of the skin and goes away after a day or two.  I forgot to get a good healed photo of the tattoo, but what we have still gets the point across.

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Red Arbor Tattoo

We would like to thank you all for continued support and trusting us with the decoration of your bodies. Demand for our artist's work has been steadily growing and it’s difficult to keep up! Both Ryan and Cory keep extremely busy with designing, tattooing, traveling, etc… 
For new projects, Cory will be raising his hourly rate to $180 and Ryan will be raising his to $150 starting on March 1st. Current projects will stay at previous rates until the end of the year/completion of project. Thank you all for keeping them busy! 


Cory's Tattoo Schedule

Cory's books are now closed.  He will be opening his schedule for April/May/June on March 1st.  Please contact us then for tattoo appointments. 

Cory is still scheduling consults.  Please contact us through for more information.

Ryan has availability in March and April, please contact us through to set up a consult and to schedule an appointment.



Awarded Top 3 Tattoo Shops in Sioux Falls

Once again we have been awarded as one of the "Top 3 Tattoo Shops" in Sioux Falls by ThreeBestRatedcom.  You can read more about their 50 point inspection by clicking here.

We do our best to tattoo exactly what our clients are looking for and to exceed expectations.  Here at Red Arbor Tattoos, we strive to give a relaxing environment to help clients feel comfortable as we go through the process of creating the best tattoos we can.

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We have also added a quick post to our google page with similar information that can be found here.

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