About Cory Claussen

People deserve fine art in every form.

Cory has been tattooing since 2010.  He worked through two apprenticeships during his first two years.  He also deployed to Afghanistan with the South Dakota Army National Guard.  During his military deployment, Cory was inspected and approved to tattoo in a combat zone.  After returning home he finished his Associates of Arts and Science.  After working with various artists in multiple shops, he and his wife opened Red Arbor L.L.C. at 6232 S. Pinnacle Pl. Suite 204 in Sioux Falls, SD.  Cory specializes in portraits, realistic, and illustrative tattoos in both vivid colors and black and gray. 

Tawni believes in “Stimulating eyes through the majesty of oils!”  Her objective is to inspire support of the fine arts, entrepreneurship, companion animal welfare & supporting non-profit agencies, philanthropy / charity and volunteerism.  Tawni is a professional artist, painter of 20 years and counting, attended Southeast Technical Institute for Graphic Communications and Augustana College for Visual Fine Arts.

Red Arbor LLC opened in 2014 and continues in sharing visual enjoyment.

About Ryan Tieszen

Ryan Tieszen’s artistic background is influenced by childhood inspirations.  He would draw the world around him.  Growing up, the suburbs of South Dakota didn’t meet is expectation of artistic expression.  He spent his youth looking for creative outlets while attempting to conform to mediocrity of the Midwest.  As a young man, he found an outlet in the culinary arts.  Feeling his artistic endeavors were undernourished, he traveled to the east coast.   Deciding that South Dakota is a better place to raise a family, he moved home.  Ryan attended further education and began focusing on becoming an artist.  While selling his art, Ryan Tieszen came across the opportunity for a tattoo apprenticeship in 2011.  He has been tattooing ever since.

Although Sioux Falls is home, he loves to travel both nationally and internationally for tattooing. Traveling is very important to Ryan Tieszen.  “Art can be more than appreciated, it can be experienced.”  He came to Red Arbor to further his opportunities and continue his growth as an artist.

Ryan believes that an artist shouldn’t be limited to one style.  His resolve to master different styles and techniques has influenced his artistic growth.  He is dedicated to providing the best artistic experience possible.  Ryan Tieszen strives to create artistic work that is creative, dynamic, but still refined.  When asked about what inspires him, he states that “Inspiration can come from many sources, but I enjoy working with cultural influences from video games, comics, and movies the most.”